Make New Car Key

We’re very sure about our car key making services that we’ll even put a 100% guarantee behind each and every key that our expert cut! Whether your car is foreign or domestic, our professional can make the whole thing from car transponder keys to innovative chip keys to fulfill your requirements. Our expert can even go the extra mile to offer you the best car making services. When it comes to making a new car key no other locksmith can beat us.

Most auto keys include a transponder chip that transmits an indication that is read by a receiver in the vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t find out the key’s microchip or the particular serial number, it won’t start. To program the transponder chip, a locksmith uses particular equipment and requires to be physically at your vehicle to complete programming.

Many other car locksmiths in the Philadelphia, PA are not able to complete the range of services that we offer here through our car locksmith. Transponder replacement auto keys are one service that several mobile companies can not complete because of the amount of technology inside of these replacement auto keys. Ignition changes can also be an issue for many other car locksmith experts because of the variations of ignitions between car make and models. This is not an issue for our car locksmith. He is up to date with all of the modern auto locksmith technology and is able to help you with any service your automobile may require.